Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Mr. Sir's Early Birthday

Mr. Sir enlisted in the Air Force. He is now an Airman. He leaves for basic training in April and will be gone for his birthday in May.

Me, being the awesome wife that I am decided to celebrate his birthday a little early. It consisted of one of his favorite (and time consuming) meals. It is called a Pasty (pass-tea). It consists of ground hamburger, potatoes and onions in a pie crust type shell and baked. Each shell is hand done and they are individualized so each person gets their own. So, I told him I was going to go 'cut fabric' at my mother-in-law's. Instead of 'cutting fabric' I got the the Pasty's all ready to go and suprised him the next day. He loved it.

I also sent him on a scavenger hunt. I bought him a 12 pack of beer along with a 4 pack of Guinness (his favorite). I made him wait outside while I planted the clues. I wanted to celebrate his birthday as early as I could because I knew I wanted to get him beer and wanted to give him plenty of time to enjoy it before he leaves for basic.

The first clue sent him to James's book box where there was a beer waiting for him, it told him to crack it open for the hunt.

One of the clues was
In the summer you like fishing,
but sometimes trout are missing,
So please don't pout,
about the Lost Trout
hiding in the shower yet,
waiting to get wet.

There was also,

Katy Perry is on her way
for a Three Way
but you better hide your Star Wars books,
or you will get some very weird looks. 

I won't go over all the clues, but there was a beer called "Lost Trout" in the shower. "Sugar Shack" in the bed. "Three Way" by his Star Wars books and so on. It finally ended in the fridge with the Guinness. He had a lot of fun with the hunt.

I still need to make him a chocolate cake (it is required for a birthday). But that can come later.

Live and Love

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